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Name: Robert Y.S. Chen, Ph.D.
Tel: +886-8-7663800 ext 10000
Fax: +886-8-7234406
Expertise: Geography、Real estate


Educational qualifications

  1. Pingtung County Yenpu Elementary School, Yenpu Township
  2. Pingtung County Chung Cheng Junior High School
  3. National Tainan First Senior High School
  4. Bachelor's Degree in Geography, National Taiwan University
  5. Master's Degree in Land Economics, Graduate School of Land Administration, National Chengchi University (Incomplete)
  6. Master's Degree in Urban Planning, Graduate Institute of Urban Planning, National Chung Hsing University (Now National Taipei University)
  7. Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Resources, Graduate Institute of Geography, National Taiwan University