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As a young, newly merged University, National Pingtung University strives to be an outstanding academic institute based on its long histories of the two previous institutes and also the sagacious leadership of the former President Dr. Guu. The goal of the University has evolved from UGSI (University, Government, School/Society and Industry/Internationalization) to USR (University Social Responsibility), and now en route to USSR (University Students’ Social Responsibility). The fruitful outcomes from USSR projects have earned many awards from the Ministry of Education and made NPTU one of the leading Universities in executing its social responsibility.

After being inaugurated as the President of the University since August of 2022, I completely commit myself in implementing the idea of “Total solution of Pingtung” under the big scope of “Urban Planning”, creating a vision of elevation with the concept of “Facing the world from the unique perspective of the South of Taiwan”. To achieve this magnificent goal, the University integrates more than 21 academic institutes, from elementary schools to University, in the Pingtung and Kaohsiung regions, and aims to connect townships and local communities in fulfilling regional revitalization with the grants from National Science and Technology Council, in the amount of more than 310 million NT dollars.

Through the multiple dimensions in academics, researches, and social services, NPTU is endeavoring its outreach in internationalization via frequent collaborations with its partner universities around the globe. We continue to invest in our hardware and software infrastructure to welcome students from our partner universities, and send out students to different continents to broaden their horizon.

I earnestly wish that NPTU can be a faithful partner of you with its wonderful faculty working cooperatively in all disciplines. I promise that, under my leadership, we will become the fabulous “Pingtung Team” to meet our international partners. We look forward to welcoming you to visit our beautiful campus in the future!


National Pingtung University

Prof. Yun-Sen Chen